Welcome to Sawyer's Stories!

This is my website for ENGH 377! I hope to make it a place full of little stories and inspiration.

Here's a little about me:


Below you'll find a quick portfolio of all the work I've accomplished within ENGH 377

Generated Texts Assignment

This poem is created from a word genorator after another of my short stories had been entered into it. After some editing, it became a poem about husband and wife.

Mission To Mars

"Mission to Mars" is a choose your own story, where you decide your ending.

Little Book of Little Stories

"A Little Book of Little Stories" is a short e-book of peices based on my time studying in London.

Author's Statement:

My name is Sawyer Treat and I am a senior at George Mason Univerity. I am currently completeing what only might be my final year as a creative writing major. I like to think of myself to be a good middle of the road writer that can for the most part properly produce multiple genres of writing whether it is my favorite choice or not. Writing in the digital media form really forced me to challenge myself with formatting as I usually stick to the standard manuscript style. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed these different styles, particularly in creating my “Mission to Mars” choose your own path with Twine. I try to make my stories as entertaining as possible, and sometimes it’s a hit or miss. But learning these digital formats have expanded my ways to make entertaining stories and I will definitely be trying some of them again.